The Basics of Data Recovery

Every day, business and homeowners are spending a lot of time trying recover data that’s been deleted or is not accessible anymore. This is what is known as data recovery or «hard drive recovery» and it’s the process of retrieving data from secondary storage, removable media, and other files that have been lost or damaged, or have become unaccessible for any reason, such as physical damage to the platters on the hard disk or an logical database corruption.

Data recovery can be costly, but the data stored on a digital device is almost always recovered, as long as the device hasn’t been destroyed or overwritten. This is especially true for hard drives that are extremely efficient at storage and retrieving large amounts of digital data.

A recovery tool that searches for signatures of a file that are easily recognized can often recover data even when the original file system on the disk is severely damaged or corrupted. These tools basically reconstruct the original structure of the folder and file from fragments of data still present on the hard drive.

It’s important to not use the equipment until a certified professional has confirmed it to be safe. This will help reduce the chance of further damage and ensure that any data recovered isn’t accidentally deleted. It also helps reduce the possibility that you have to retrieve data from an external flash memory, hard drive, or backup.

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